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You Are Here

Video Game for Raspberry Pi

Future Earth

Participatory Installation Designed in AutoCad

This is not a Funk Show Installation

Projection Mapping Installation & Performance with TouchDesigner

Audio Vandals Show #2

Art/Media Project Audio Vandals Show #2 Live Projection Mapping Performance / Stage Design – Collaboration with live artist This was the second iteration of stage design performance at a music event.  A live painter painted in black and white on a blank white stage while projected visuals were mapped to the shapes created by the…
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Chews Your Own Adventure

Participatory Installation

Quantum Snake Loop

See the snake’s current location! Introduction The Quantum Loop Snake is an in-progress project.  It is being developed as an ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major) senior project at UCSD.  This project aims to explore the ability of a site-specific artwork to exist in a space that constantly moves, while the piece itself is also constantly…
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Thoughts & Prayers

Media Project Thoughts & Prayers Projection Mapped Interactive Installation – Collaborative Work Copyright © 2019  ERICA ESSERMAN creative™. All rights reserved. 

Masked Reflections

Media Project Masked Reflections Projection Mapped Video on Custom Mirrored Mask using VPT Artist’s Statement Masked Reflections reveals the human tendency to hide our true selves behind a mask. This same mask reflects the reality of the individual’s unwanted truths back into the world. The footage used in the reflections are clips of people…
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Perfect Match

Media Project Love Match Artistic, Conceptual Android Application interactive prototype Project Description Love Match is an android application concept that matches the user with the perfect person for them to love within the database of potential lovers. The app takes the user’s information and tells them that the system will find the perfect person for them…
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Making A Salad

ARt ProJect