Love Match is an android application concept that matches the user with the perfect person for them to love within the database of potential lovers. The app takes the user’s information and tells them that the system will find the perfect person for them to fall in love with.  It will “calculates” for a few moments and tells the user that it found another user who is a perfect match. It states: Your match’s last search for love was 2s ago. There is another loading screen, and then the user’s own profile information appears. The app then reads:  Suggestions for getting to know your new love– Meditate with them! Look into their eyes and profess your love! Spend some quality time together!


According to Franziska Nori in her writeup about the I Love You computer virus, the museum is our society’s “cultural memory.”  If society has a memory database, the analogy can continue in that society as an entity is a computer system. Our society’s perpetual seeking for love outside of ourselves, as is evident through the growing popularity of matchmaking apps, dating websites, and many other contemporary companionship technologies, proves our source code communication is broken.  Our society has its own “I Love You Virus” sweeping through the culture changing our original intended methods for finding, understanding, and feeling love. Love must be found within ourselves first. We must love ourselves first.

Like much of the net art from JODI such as this app does not behave in the typical way the user would expect.  By changing the expected outcome of a familiar interface such as HTML links or in this case an android app, art has the ability to slip into the public realm unnoticed.  This project is made to hide in plain site within the android app store, waiting for the next individual to come along, download it unknowingly, and receive the artistic message they need to hear.

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