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This is not a Funk Show Installation

Projection Mapping Installation & Performance with TouchDesigner

Audio Vandals Show #2

Art/Media Project Audio Vandals Show #2 Live Projection Mapping Performance / Stage Design – Collaboration with live artist https://vimeo.com/ericaesserman/review/322337459/b0e291c0c3 This was the second iteration of stage design performance at a music event.  A live painter painted in black and white on a blank white stage while projected visuals were mapped to the shapes created by the…
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Masked Reflections

Media Project Masked Reflections Projection Mapped Video on Custom Mirrored Mask using VPT https://vimeo.com/267993214 Artist’s Statement Masked Reflections reveals the human tendency to hide our true selves behind a mask. This same mask reflects the reality of the individual’s unwanted truths back into the world. The footage used in the reflections are clips of people…
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