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TurnKey Product Listings is an up-and-coming Amazon marketing firm. They help clients market
products through the largest internet retailer in the world. Turnkey wants to expand with high-quality
clients who are looking for them to manage their Amazon products long term.



Visual Identity System that includes:

● customized logo
● structured font scheme
● Color guide
● design elements to use in all future publications
● Style Guide Booklet with guidelines for all future publications


A Website that:

● Utilizes the Visual Identity System to maintain consistency within the brand
● Is implemented in WordPress
● Captures Emails
● Has a call to action (apply for consultation call)


TurnKey Product Management was formerly Turnkey Product Listings.  The company started very niche in the Amazon Product market and has grown quickly.  The company deals with primarily online clients and works with a remote team, yet their online presence was not accurately portraying their digital expertise. In addition to wanting to appear more professional in the online marketplace, the company wanted to expand into managing the listings and handing marketing strategies for new clients.  They source most new clients from online marketing, and the original website was not matching the expectations for gathering new leads.


Phase One: Identity Design Brief

TurnKey filled out my creative brief questionnaire and we had several interviews to dive deeper into the questions.


Phase Two: Research & Inspiration

Target Audience

Small to medium-sized business owners that have 10 or fewer high-quality products.

PERSONA: Brandon

Brandon is an innovative digital marketing savvy entrepreneur with a brand new product.  He is 33 and this is his second business.  He has been selling products online for a little while now and has a good network of friends who also do the same.  He still owns his first business and is very busy handling all the products he is selling.  He is a successful businessman and thrives in this new digital age.

Phase Three: Ideation & Design



Concept 1

Turnkey Branding Arrow

Concept 2

Turnkey Branding Jungle

Concept 3

Turnkey Branding Key